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Exhibition Review | Each departure,only for more wonderful bloom!

TIME: 2019-05-04         click:  1578    

     The 24th Dubai Beauty world Middle East was held in Dubai world trade center from April 15 to 17,2019。 As the largest beauty exhibition in the Middle East ,the exhibition is still popular with a constant stream of visitors 。World famous beauty products were present。
S-conning ’global marketing strategy has come to a head after the first stop of the 2016 Hong Kong Asian Beauty show , and the continued appearance of the international packaging machinery exhibition in Dusseldorf German。Our company is located in the Middle East region ,and participated in the Dubai beauty exhibition 。

               The boss said :If you can finish the exhibition in three hours ,I will take you to the desert to flush the sand。Of course we could ,so,we took lots of beautiful pictures along the way 。

After crazy play comes crazy work 。

All the products about “beauty “ are on show ,a wide variety of goods are on display ,At the same time , it refreshes our perception and experience of beauty !  And our labeling machine in the whole exhibition come out on topBecause in the whole exhibition only our S-Conning has labeling machine on site to show to exhibitors

When the machines are running at the exhibition site ,the booth of the S-Conning , located in the China Pavilion, are full of people 。Filed test machine customers have on our exhibition products put up the big mother finger 。

Many customers heard that the speed of the SLA-322 round bottle labeling machine could reach 100/min,but they thought it was too fast。There are a lot of professional customers see our configuration is world famous brand , they said the quality of labeling machine looks very good 。There are many questions from customers about whether the machine can stick double sides ?Top and bottom labeling machine can only stick above or below ?Can I just stick label on one side ?Our answer is :Yes ,we can customize to meet the different requirements of customers。

With a short three-day exhibition period ,We haven’t time to arrange a visit to these new customers in Dubai 。Never mind,we left contact information for each other ,Take photos with lots of friends 。We can keep in touch in the future , Maybe we can become business partners ,maybe we can become good friends ,Everything happens to me !

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