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May Day ,pay tribute to everyone who works hard to live

TIME: 2019-05-04         click:  1449    

International Labor Day or May Day,Holiday from the United States Chicago city workers strike , in order to commemorate the great labor movement,1889 the second international founding conference announced that the annual May 1 as international labor day 。China has designed May 1 as labor day。

To the workers ,who built tall building is the hot sun。


Pay tribute to the teachers ,decades of preaching and teaching 。


To the doctors ,year round,heal the wounded and rescue the dying 。


Pay tribute to the soldiers ,home for everyone,stationed in the border。


Salute us around the unknown devotee,


Whether artists、athletes,


Or courier 、municipal workers ,


They are the most beautiful in this ere。

Today ,we want to pay tribute to Shell-Conning workers


Shell-Conning can normal operation、steady development,


Cannot leave you for


Shell-Conning’s loyalty and dedication ,


Assiduous sureness 。

Pay tribute to the production department


Salute your long standing ,bending , and squatting poses;


Salute your dirt hands ;


Salute your professionalism and dediction

Respect the research and development

Tribute to the last light in the office ;


Salute you for your tenacity in exploring and formulating again and again ,and in thinking again and again after being denied ;


Hats off to every new project 、every product you’ve worked on 。

Salute business department

Salute you for running through mountains and rivers ;

Through thick and thin ;

Leave no stone unturned ;

Say a thousand words ;

We salute every order which is not easy for you 。

Tribute to finance department

Day-to-day accounting is meticulous and meticulous ,be perfectly accurate ,

Year after year of accumulation ,Dedication , and selflessness;

Hail to you for channeling the trickle of open source into the reservoir of income ;
I salute you for sticking to the throttle and counting the flow of spending 。

Salute the administration and personnel department


The fragrant gather in the flower year,
Hiring 、calculate salary、manage oil and salt 。
The cumbersome theory of performance procurement,
Don’t let a man is beauty。

Pay tribute to the boss


If he is not in the company ,he must on the road 。If he is not on the road ,He must at the social drinks table 。

This phone rings off,that phone rings,or knock on the door 。

To salute their strictness;

To salute them for their long and arduous task 。

Tribute to chef Dinner starts at exactly 12:00


Every meal was carefully prepared for us,

Become the taste of the home that this lifetime does not forget 。

In tribute to our colleagues who have been unsung and dedicated off camera ,

They wave their hands and shy away from the camera as I try to take pictures of them at work ,

Out of respect ,I didn’t take picture for all of them。

May Day arrived,Our colleague、our partner

No matter how busy and bitter you are , you should rest and smile ,

Life goes on and on ,Every days very busy ,

Hard day ,

Let’s forget about each other ,

Take advantage of the May day holiday ,

Set foot on the journey of peace,happy mood ,

Go around,

Always remember to take care of yourself 。

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