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Welcome Dragon boat festival、Praise employees from Shell-Conning

TIME: 2019-06-06         click:  1274    
Dragon Boat Festival folk activites

Dragon Boat Festival is a Chinese tradition for more than two thousand years , because territory so vastmany nationalities plus lots of stories and legends So not only produced many different section names , but also around the customs are not the same 。Its content basically has : the daughter returns to her mother’s homehang the doors liketo meet the ghost ship、hiding in afternoon, post wuye fuhanging calamus and mugwort、swim , wearing perfume satchelprepare oblation , dragon boat race Match the martial artshit the shuttleswingpaint the baby realgardrink realgar wine、calamus wine, eat five poisonous cakes、salted egg、zongzi and seasonal fresh fruit and so on 。

Tomorrow is the traditional Chinese festival “Dragon Boat Festival ”, The administration department specially ordered zongzi 、and salted egg gift box for everyone 。And also prepared a card full of love for each colleague 。

Colleagues with holiday gift boxes read carefully from the company ,word b word, The mouth saystrue acidthe heart is sweet music opened


Dragon Boat Festival approaching ,Guangzhou Shell-Conning thank you for your hard work !

In the future , I hope we can work together with the company !

We also thank our families for their support !


Here , Shell-Conning prepared the small giftBest wishes to the Shell-Conning family


My colleagues in the administration department are so attentive, corporate colleagues are not to be outdone


Dragon Boat Festival has three treasures : zongzi、Quyuan、dragon boat race ,

and Shell-Conning ‘s leverage plan


Then, say few words

Let’s look at some good examples

Isn’it  amazing , In addition to thumb up you can also choose to join us 

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