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Exhibition invitation | 2019 National (Chongqing) pharmaceutical machinery expo

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The 58th ( autumn 2019) National pharmaceutical machinery and China international pharmaceutical machinery expo will be held in Chongqing international expo center on November 7.2019 。The expo has been successively listed as one of the key supported exhibitions by the ministry of commerce of the People’s Republic of China , It is recognized by the industry as a professional、international、large scale、variety of exhibits、large audience, set trade 、research in one

of the pharmaceutical equipment industry exchange platform。

We invite you to go to Chongqing with us 。

The 58th National pharmaceutical machinery expo

Exhibition time :November 5-7,2019

Location :Chongqing international expo center

Packaging machinery hall 2  N3-43

Location:Yuelai exhibition city ,Liangjiang new area ,Chongqing

Guangzhou Shell-Conning focuses on the development of pre-filled injection off-nest and screw rod and labeling solutions . We introduced the German technology,in the continuous improvement and optimization ,now developed the S200 and S400 two models,and service for a number of well-known pharmaceutical enterprises .

During the 58th CIPM exhibition ,our company will hold an exchange meeting on the solution of denest screw rod and labeling system for pre-filled injection in the exhibition hall conference center on November 5th

We have many problems in the solution of packaging equipment for prefilled injectors ,and we will discuss the better solution with you 。We look forward to your coming !

We look forward to see you on November 5-7

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