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Happy Travel 2020" Shellconning Annual Meeting Held Happy

TIME: 2019-12-29         click:  895    
December 28-29,

"Happy Travel 2020" Shellconning annual meeting was held,

All members gathered in Qingyuan Fogang to review 2019 and 2020.

In a sunny day,

The boss said: Life is not only about work, but also poetry and distance.

So we came here and said happy travel

Let the annual meeting, group building, dinner, leisure, enjoy the scenery,

Creatively linked together.

Yes, at this annual meeting of the beautiful scenery,

Maybe this year,

"Shellconning annual meeting" will also be that "another annual meeting"!

DAY one

At 8 o'clock on December 28, we gathered at the company gate and set out on time!

Feeling the warm winter sun and enjoying the idyllic scenery all the way, accompanied by the cheers and laughter of your friends, the blue sky and green grass, the unique warm winter scenery of Lingnan is flying in front of your eyes.

Arriving at the destination, our little friends are all dressed in casual clothes, enjoying the beauty bestowed by nature.

Under the organization of the group construction teacher and colleagues in the administration department, we have carried out many group sports. It is very surprising that this is a no matchup, no contest, no winning or losing, no winning, no slogan, no Chicken soup, only the teacher Tuan Jian was very gentle and took everyone to slowly feel the game fun and teamwork fun sports.

Game 1. Crossing the Fire: One person is free to cross, two people must have tacit understanding, and three people to cross is more trust!

Game 2, Magic Village: The giant is here, how to make yourself safer from the giant. Of course, one person is OK, but you have to run all the time. Two people can pretend to rest for a while, but only three seconds. Then three people, four Individuals, five people, we can arbitrarily match arbitrarily, we are not afraid of giants.

Game 3. The Battle of the Four Kingdoms: We have four tribes, but the tribes we can capture are not the same tribes that capture us, and there is a tribe that has no direct conflict of interest. We are going to arrest people and prevent them from being arrested. We are going to save people and prevent the "captives" who are caught by us from being rescued.

This is a "competition" in the division of labor and cooperation, seeking alliances internally and externally!

There are many games that are not introduced one by one. Let's enjoy the pictures of the game scene together:

After the outdoor activity, I had a delicious meal in the greenery. The little friends enjoyed the food and shared the joy of the event. Looking at everyone's smiling face, Xiaobian knew that the highlight was coming: winter Soaking in hot springs is as refreshing as eating crabs in the golden autumn and eating a bite of iced watermelon in the summer

The hot spring is finished, my body and mind are stretched, my stomach is hungry again, OK, let ’s go to the farm for a BBQ

Colleagues from the Administration Department prepared food, seasonings, drinks, and fruits for barbecue in advance, and arrived at the scene in advance to prepare the event venue.

There are five tables in total. Everyone has a clear division of labor. Some people wash vegetables, cut vegetables, some skewers, some control the fire, some brush the oil, and some people cook. Of course, there are also small editors who only eat and cooperate with tacit understanding. Happy!

Everyone showed different grilling methods and skills.

Everyone eats various foods that they baked by themselves,

Drinking wine, chatting, and coaxing.

Laughter and laughter lingered in the air with plumes of smoke, another climax

The entire barbecue was drowned in the joyous ocean.

You thought the event was over, NO NO NO, the real climax is still behind: bonfire party, lottery!

The bonfire was getting hotter and stronger. Everyone danced along with the music, enthusiastic and enthusiastic. The atmosphere was very warm!

Then, the general manager Zhang Zhiping made a brief summary and report on the market environment and company operation in 2019. In the report, Mr. Zhang affirmed everyone's contribution this year and made clear the future development direction of Secuni-while focusing on production quality, strengthening research and development of cutting-edge technology in the industry.

In the end, it was the most important draw: Huawei mobile phones, Huawei wireless headsets, Huawei bracelets, and cash red envelopes for everyone!


Revisit Guanyin Mountain

Early in the morning the following day, after breakfast buffet, everyone set off for Guanyin Mountain in Qingyuan. Guanyin Mountain is one of the eight famous mountains in Guangdong, with an altitude of 1288 meters. Alas, the Secuni were laughing and laughing, step by step, steadily moving forward, climbing the highest peak.

The organization of the happy 2020 meeting

Not only makes employees relax, but also gains health and happiness,

More importantly, it enhances the feelings among employees and increases the cohesion of the company.

Pleasure can lead to efficient work,

The relaxation of mind and body makes everyone forget that the usual work is intense and heavy,

After you relax, you will be full of enthusiasm.

To work in the new year,

Let us work together for the tomorrow of Secuni

Create a beautiful blueprint!

Alas, season change

Unconsciously, it ’s New Year again

Let's face the pace of the New Year and listen to the bell of New Year's Day.

At the end of the article, I wish you all a Happy New Year! Let's have fun on vacation!

If you have any ideas, for example, to understand our company's products, such as consulting Secuni recruitment positions, please leave me a message!

If any colleagues from Secuni have any comments on this activity and any suggestions for future company activities, please leave a message to

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