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Recruitment | I heard you need a great job opportunity

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@All people

2020 is destined to be a very extraordinary year,
Together we shoulder the common mission to fight the epidemic,
At the same time, we still have not forgotten to try to find the excellent you

We firmly believe :

As long as everyone sticks together and works together,
The epidemic will eventually pass, and spring will surely come.
Are you the one we are fighting for

Company Profile

Shellconniing company was established in Hong Kong, and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Guangzhou Shellconnong is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of medium and high-end intelligent labeling machines and rear packaging equipment. Covers an area of 5,200 square meters;

Passed ISO9001 quality system certification and CE certification, integrating production, R & D, sales and service, providing a full range of intelligent labeling solutions and customized services for many industries such as pharmaceuticals and daily chemical

Recruitment posts

Mechanical Design Engineer(R & D Department):

1.Bachelor degree or above;

2.Four to five years of relevant work experience;

3..Major in Mechanical Design or Automation;

4Able to use software such as Solidworks and Auto CAD;

5.Experience in packaging industry and labeling machine is preferred

Treatment:Monthly salary 5K-15K

Electrical engineer(R & D Department):

1. age:24~40

2.Proficiency in programming with Siemens smart200; programming of Weiluntong display screen.

3.4-5 years of electrical design experience in automation equipment ;

4.Understand wincc; a little understanding of C language ;

5.Packaging industry, labeling machine industry preferred ;

Treatmnet:Monthly salary 5K-12K

Assembly fitter(many):

1.Have more than three years of mechanical assembly experience ;

2.Understand 2D assembly drawings, understand the use of simple universal turning machines, drilling machines, grinders ... basic machine operations ;

3. Experience in packaging industry and labeling machine is preferred;

TreatmnetMonthly salary 4K-6K

Domestic salesman (many)

1Responsible for developing new customers to sell company products.;

2.Good personal literacy & appearance;

3Maintain old customers and facilitate secondary billing.;

4.Can adapt to business trips, can endure hardships;

5.Experience in insurance, intermediary and peer sales is preferred;

Requirement:First of all, you must recognize sales, love sales, like to challenge high salaries, have enthusiasm and endurance, "do not give up, do not give up" spirit, have good psychological qualities; second, have certain pressure resistance and good communication skills; and finally Have a certain understanding, and the seller who understands the labeling machine is preferred

Treatment:Base salary + commission

Foreign trade sales

Job content:Responsible for customers in foreign markets to sell our products:;

1、age:22-35,Aggressive and rigorous and meticulous ;

2、Fluent in written and spoken English,Development of foreign markets;

3、Treat people with enthusiasm, have a good sense of service, proficient in operating office software such as Office;

4、Have a team spirit;

5、Have foreign trade experience &foreign friends(Those who agree with the company's sales philosophy)Priority admission

Treatment:Base salary+commission


Job content:Mainly responsible for the procurement and supply of external parts, order tracking, submitting a procurement plan, reducing procurement costs; evaluating the quality of the supplier's delivery period, establishing a quality supply chain


①、 Procurement experience in machinery manufacturing or electromechanical industry, packaging equipment industry is preferred;
②、 More than five years of procurement work experience;
③、Be proficient in using OFFICE software ,and ERP system;
④、Hold a C license and have more than one year driving experience .
⑤、Good communication skills and mental endurance ;


1、Responsible for company brand and product network promotion,According to the company's market strategy, determine the website promotion goals and promotion plan;
2、Plan and execute online promotion activities, collect promotion feedback data, and continuously improve promotion effects;
3、Evaluate and analyze the keywords of the website, improve the ranking of the website, use a variety of technologies to enhance the popularity of the website, and be responsible for the management and maintenance of the daily cooperative website;
4、Development and expansion of various types of new media creation;
5、Familiar with online promotion methods, able to promote company products on various websites;

6、I like all kinds of live streaming software, have ideas for new media, and those with experience in video shooting and post-production are preferred

Company benefits

The company purchases five insurances and one gold for all employees in Guangzhou;

Company lunch and dinner;
In order to comfort the employees of the company for their hard work in the past year, the employees can enjoy the double salary at the end of the year;
In order to enrich the spare time of employees, the company organizes cultural and sports activities every month;
Employees can enjoy 5 days of paid annual leave per year, annual public travel at home and abroad, and company dividend system

if you want to know more
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Please indicate your resume by mail:
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