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Qningming | Thinking long, keep going?

TIME: 2020-04-03         click:  815    

After the vernal equinox,
Warm wind, drizzle,
Grassy, floral,
The most beautiful April days of recovery.

April 04, 2020,
"Qing Ming Festival",
It ’s solar terms, it ’s a festival,
It is also the fusion of man and heaven and earth, man and life,
"Qingming" in the "Datong World".

In the Qingming season, spring rains are in succession. Most festivals in China are lively, happy, and reunited. Only Qingming has traditional solar terms and antiques, but also contains memories of the dead.

Farewell to life is not a permanent goodbye. Forgetting the appearance of the deceased has wiped out their lives.
The existence of Ching Ming Festival is not only for sweeping tombs and offering sacrifices to ancestors, but also for remembering ancestors and being grateful.

In order to express the deep condolences of the people of all ethnic groups in the country in the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, at the expense of martyrs and deceased compatriots, the State Council issued an announcement and decided on April 4, 2020
Hold a national mourning event. Tomorrow, the nation and embassies and consulates abroad will mourn for the heroes in the second half.
Armor in white, the hero of the times. You are always heroes in our hearts

The pace of time never stops
I miss you
We have to go

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