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May Day | Anti-epidemic disease does not stop, the pace moves forward

TIME: 2020-05-01         click:  794    

International Labor Day or May Day

It is a national festival in more than 80 countries in the world.

Gorky said,
Labor is all joy in the world
And the source of all good things.
Labor has created mankind, the world, the future,
To pay tribute to all the hard workers in the world,
Thanks for their dedication in the wind and rain.

In 2020, as the opening year of the new decade, a sudden new crown epidemic has put China and the world facing a test.

Shellconning company knows what's the needs of prople,accelerate the production of labeling machines and introduces mask machines to support epidemic prevention

Since we return to work, each of us Shellconning has done his utmost in his post to devote our abilities to this epidemic without smoke

Production Departmrnt

The employees of the production department who are struggling on the front line of production are working diligently in ordinary positions, unable to take care of their wives and children,
The hard environment and the difficult homesickness have not made them slack in their work. These tireless workers,
There is no vacation for even a few months, some of they are handovers in the morning and evening, and some of them are just a race against output and quality

After Sales Department

During the epidemic,colleagues in the after-sales department still stick to their posts, and if they meet the conditions, they will test the machines for customers all over the country.

In order to ensure the production of customers, there is no slight slack

Sales Departmemt

When most of people were forced to rest at home because of the epidemic situation, the sales department staff who had the conditions to resume work had all resumed work and immediately started intense and effective work
Main customers who have business contacts with the company again have in-depth communication one by one, actively promoting the company's products, and when customers have needs, they are on standby 24 hours,
Even in the face of the customer's need to call at night, they are also actively prepared and completed at any time.

Function Deparment

During work in the epidemic, we paid attention to the physical condition of each employee. The first time we came to the company was to help us measure our temperature and do disinfection protection so that we could work with peace of mind.

Children are the source of happiness for our family. The company hopes that all children will grow up safely and healthily, and we will provide masks for the children in the employees ’homes.

All of Shellconning's family during this time we've had a long day, thank you for your hard work and dedication to the company,
Thank you for your meagre efforts for this society.
Only when everyone contributes to this society will it become better

I believe that it is not far from the day when we took off our breathing masks....

This May Day, don't stay up late
Stop busy
Have a good rest


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