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2012 Shellconning debut (Guangzhou) Pazhou Complex

TIME: 2012-03-07         click:  1377    
The 19th China (Guangzhou) International Packaging Industry Exhibition, which attracted much attention, kicked off at the Guangzhou China Export Commodities Fair Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 7th to 9th. At that time, major well-known brand machinery and equipment manufacturers will join hands to create an international platform for fashion and popular trade. Shellconning, a new brand carefully crafted and carefully deployed, sent a strong delegation to the packaging industry exhibition for the first time. Guangzhou Secony Machinery Co., Ltd. brought its high-quality automatic labeling machine and double-sided stickers. The standard machine, round bottle labeling machine, top labeling machine and real-time labeling machine series are fully attacked, showing Shellconning style to consumers and partners around the world. In the three-day packaging exhibition, Secco successfully completed the brand communication and promotion tasks with good reputation, first-class product quality and brand image. Let the consumers enjoy the advanced and technology of the "Zhouhao Machinery Show" in close quarters, and have been praised and loved by the on-site customers!

Secene pavilion is built, simple but not simple
Shellconning made its debut at the Pazhou Complex and achieved good results. The sales performance reached the top of the show. The flow and attention of the pavilion are very high.

Thousands of people
Seconi's exhibition not only sent a strong elite team, but each sales consultant has professional mechanical product knowledge and sincere service attitude. They welcome each customer with high-quality professional quality.

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