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The 5th Shenzhen Protective Film Exhibition ended

TIME: 2012-05-04         click:  1418    
After careful planning and careful preparation, the annual China (Shenzhen) International Protective Film Expo will be held at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center from June 28th to 30th. At that time, the major well-known brands of protective film, optical film machinery and equipment manufacturers will be on the same stage to create an international platform for fashion and popular trade. Shellconning dispatched a strong delegation to shine in the protective film exhibition, Guangzhou Secony Machinery Co., Ltd. carried a new product and obtained the national patent "protective film labeling machine" (patent number: 201220075857.6), 219 high-speed paging flat labeling The machine and high-speed floor-standing labeling machine series have launched a comprehensive attack, and announced to the global consumers and partners that “the battle film market will be a tough battle”. Although the pavilion is small, it gives us unexpected gains. In the three-day protective film exhibition, Secco successfully completed the brand communication and promotion with its unique brand image and rare protective film exhibits, demonstrating its strong strength in the protective film industry and specialized manufacturing. task. Unexpected customer information. Let us see the huge prospects of the protective film market.

2012 Secene Shenzhen Protective Film Exhibition Hall

Shellconning made its debut at the Protective Film Exhibition, and achieved good results. The sales performance reached the top of the show. The Secco booth has attracted many consumers, and many of them are hoping to have a deeper understanding of “equipment performance”. I hope more and more consumers will be able to access and experience the magical charm of Secco. They produce fast and efficient witnesses.

Secunder is very eye-catching

Seconi's exhibition not only sent a strong elite team, but each sales consultant has professional mechanical product knowledge and sincere service attitude. They welcome each customer with high-quality professional quality. "Secognine was invited as a new brand in the industry. At the same time, the company also attaches great importance to the company. It is intended to use this exhibition to carry out a comprehensive promotion and promotion to the elites. Therefore, the company has arranged top sales in the early stage of the exhibition. The personnel went to the exhibition, and connected with the dealers and the intended customers one by one to realize one-to-one communication and exchange, so that the elites of all manufacturers had a comprehensive, systematic and profound understanding of the Seconi brand. At the exhibition, Connie laid a solid foundation for the smooth implementation of the promotion task.

Top sales consultants are passionate about providing test drills for every customer

Patience, professional attitude is an important magic weapon for the transaction

Top sales consultants are passionate about providing test drills for every customer
At this exhibition, the Secco pavilion is built in a pragmatic and simple style. The overall display is simple and atmospheric, but not simple. Each detail releases Secco's fine craftsmanship and strong R&D design capabilities. Although the exhibition hall is not in the center, the image design is quite influential throughout the exhibition hall. Therefore, many customers go to watch and guide, and many of the customers who are interested in the test at the Sekonney site to answer the difficult questions are very supportive. The purchase intention was reached quickly, which made Secane not only successfully completed the task in the 5th Shenzhen Protective Film Exhibition, but also achieved the sales goal. Two machines were sold on the spot. Thank you for your encouragement to Secco, and Secco will continue to fight the battle for the protective film market!

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