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June Midsummer love. Father loves deep

TIME: 2018-06-15         click:  1362    
Everyone’s childhood has a hero
Have him at
Is home

When I was young
I don't understand what is fatherly love. I only think that my father is like a shadow. I can't always catch it, but I always stay with us.
Cool, very few words, not as delicate as a mother. But as long as we are not happy or afraid, he will take us into my arms and tell us that "it's okay, there are dads." Just like the protective cover of the Secuni machine, it protects you.

Grow up slowly
We become sensitive and willful, flammable and explosive. Maybe I can't understand my father's old style, and I slammed the door. What we don't know is that he will always stand in front of the window to pay attention to our whereabouts because of fear. One person is tired and tired to leave us a door. When we fall asleep, we can sleep peacefully. The Sacconi detection system is like you, paying attention to noisy and keeping innocence.

I don’t know when
Dad and we have less words. At that time, we still don't know what father love is. We only know that there is a person who silently embraces all the rebelliousness in our adolescence... Do his best to deal with the trivial troubles after we have established a family. Secogni's back-end packaging system, no need to say anything, just a solution expert for your production line solution.
This year’s Father’s Day has one more meaning than in previous years.
"Weekend + Dragon Boat Festival + Father's Day + World Cup"
Quadruple combination
The Dragon Boat Festival is traditional and sacred
Father's Day is selfless and great

When Father’s Day is on the Dragon Boat Festival,

Father's love is like this
Like timely rain, snow in the charcoal
Always hold us up for a day at a critical moment.

Hot June,
When Father’s Day is on the Dragon Boat Festival,
The two "sections" meet,
Let the weekend be filled with love and warmth.
Father as a mountain,
Whether you go home to accompany him to eat dumplings,
Still living in a different place,
Don't forget to send a blessing to your father!

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