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In 2018, the annual meeting of "Ingenuity, and Win-Win" will be held!

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The cold winter, the autumn to winter, from the beginning to the end of the year, Secane ushered in a four-day year-end meeting and annual meeting.
01 new machine release, peer exchange learning
With the unremitting efforts of the R&D department and related colleagues, our company will launch two new machines in 2018:
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Then we went to Xiangsheng Laser Technology Co., Ltd. to visit and study. Xiangsheng Zhang received us and took us to visit their office environment, exhibition hall, entertainment and leisure room, and also walked into their R&D department, production workshop and debugging workshop. And introduced us to their star product laser equipment.

In the afternoon, I am very honored to visit Ms. Chen from Weidijie Huanan District and Suzhou Wante Wu to visit Secony, to share and learn together.

02, year-end meeting
General Manager Zhang Zhiping made a summary report on the company's operation in 2017. Mr. Zhang said that the winter and winter of the 2018 mechanical packaging industry will continue. Secane should further strengthen service awareness, strengthen technological innovation, enhance core competitiveness, and know how to identify the current situation.

03, ingenuity, and win-win together 2018 Seconyni Annual Meeting
Then the company team game link

The annual meeting slowly came to a close in the cheers.
At the same time, it is the curtain of the Year of the Dog.
There is a saying,
Jinji Deng Xuebao more than three, Yu dog stepping cream welcome Wufu
No matter how thick the cream,
The sun will always come,
It may be late,
However, there will never be a loss of appointment.
There will always be a sunny scene
The winter season is longer,
There will also be a day when spring returns to the earth.
Committed to the city,
Seconi will surely stay in the fierce competition!

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