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Hello, 2018!

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Life is like a heaven
Come to the cold, go to the east in autumn
In the dead 2017,
There are thoughts that have been buried deep in my heart,
If you wish?

What are the moving moments,
Worth you forever?
Maybe you will still have regrets,
Grief, trouble, sorrow, frustration...
However, there are also
Rejoicing and pleasure
Comfortable and refreshing

The so-called
"Enlightenment has been gone,
Knowing who can be chased. ”
Joy accompanied by sweat
Regret and encourage struggle
The past is a thing of the past
Unpredictable future

And what we can do
Is to take every step of the moment
Only sincere and sincere, open up
Will not live up to every day after

a new Year
On the occasion of a one-dollar resumption, Vientiane is on the verge
Secco wants the majority of colleagues
happy New Year!

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