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Xi Xun|2016 Awarded 20 Certificates

TIME: 2017-07-20         click:      

Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Little Giant Enterprise

2016-2018 High-tech Enterprise
2016 tax credit A-level taxpayer
2016 patent creation potential enterprise
2016 China Excellent Cosmetics Suppliers 2
2016 ODIS Excellent Supplier
2016年 续审通过ISO9001质量管理体系认证并取得新证书
Utility model patent certificate 8
3 software copyright certificates
It is reported that in order to ensure the gold content of the certificate, the certification authority has improved the technical content and reporting conditions of various certificates, and the difficulty of approval has increased. All certificates take into account the main application technology, the innovation of technology, and whether it can reach the domestic or provincial advanced level. Corporate culture, scale and influence in the industry are also considered.
Here, I would like to express my sincere congratulations and gratitude to all colleagues who have participated in various research teams and applications for intellectual property protection.
IP managers said that more invention patents are pending... please wait and see.

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