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Wonderful!《The general technical requirements of the adhesive labelling machine》which was prepared by Shell-Conning ,was officially issued

TIME: 2018-09-12         click:  1354    

Recently,The state administration of market supervision and administration and the standardization administration of China issued GB/T 36519-2018《General technical requirements for adhesive labeling machine》,It took more than half a year from drafting to national approval to releaseand now it has been officially releasedMeanwhile , the national technical standard will be officially implemented on February 1,2019

Shell-Conning is one of responsible for drafting this standard,we communicate closely with related industry peersactively participate in the improvement and formulation of national industry standardstake the standardization labeling machine profession technical standard as the basictake improving and continuously innovating new technologies as the directionprovide high quality smart label solutions for all enterprises in all industries

This standard is drafted in accordance with the rules given in GB/T 1.1-2009 。

This standard provides the terms and definitions,modelsformsbasic parameters and working conditionstechnical requirementstest methodsinspection ruleslabelpackagingtransportation and storage of the adhesive labeling machine

This standard is applicable to the  labeler that use adhesive sticker in the pharmaceutical 、fooddaily chemicaland other industries

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