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Exhibition Invitation | Shell-Conning will meet you in Wuhan on November 5

TIME: 2018-10-23         click:  1558    

The 56th( autumn 2018 ) national pharmaceutical machinery and China international pharmaceutical machinery expo will be held at Wuhan international expo center on November 5,2018 solstice November 7。The expo has been successively listed by the ministry of commerce of the People’s Republic of China as one of the key supporting exhibitionsIt is recognized in the industry as a professional、internationalgreat scalecomplete exhibition goodsmany audience set tradeseminars in one of the pharmaceutical equipment industry exchange platform

Shell-Conning invited you to come to Wuhan together。

The 56th national pharmaceutical machinery expo

Exhibition timeNovember 5 – 7 ,2018

The exhibition location Wuhan international expo center   packaging machinery hall 3  BL5-04

Place 619 Parrot avenue , Hanyang district ,Wuhan city ,Hubei province


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