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Shell-Conning achieved a great success in Wuhan Pharmaceutical machine exhibition

TIME: 2018-11-10         click:  1485    

Half an hour,the 56th(2018 Autumn)China National Pharmaceutical Machinery & China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition (2018 Autumn)sold out with 9000 booths ,The exposition held at Wuhan international expo center from Nov 5 to 7 ,2018。 The exhibition gathered many countries and regions ,with more than 1000 exhibitors、and more than 9200 booths,to show the booming development of China’s pharmaceutical machinery industry to the world 。

In order to comply with the development trend of pharmaceutical machine brand and maintain the communication and friendship with various pharmaceutical machine industry enterprises ,Guangzhou Shell-Conning is honored to make the list of Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition ,and Shell-Conning appearance at the 56th Pharmaceutical machine grand gathering 。

Shell-Conning brings the latest upgrade of high speed and high precision rotary vertical bottle intelligent labeling machine

Good wine needs no bush,the booth Shell-Conning got this year was a bit out of the way,but this does not affect our booth scene surging crowd。The first word of each customer who comes looking for “ fragrance ” is:We finally find Shell-Conning。Except Shell-Conning not got a good booth ,more delighted,thanks to customer’love ,no matter where we are ,the customers are always supporting Shell-Conning。

Next year, let’s wait and see

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