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TIME: 2019-01-09         click:  1426    

21 December 2019, MORUI group ride the wind and waves and set sail The staff meeting was held at the headquarters of the Shell-Conning home officeIn this warm winter with sun shiningFor the first time,all the members of MORUI group, including Shell-ConningMORUI intelligence and DINGRUI merrily gathered together Looking back in the 2018 and looking forward to 2019

At the beginning of the meeting,Chairman of the board wonderful appearanceGeneral manager Zhang zhi ping made a summary report on the packaging market environment and the company’s business situation in 2019 in the reportGeneral manager Zhang acknowledged and thanked all the employees for their hard work this yearthe structure of the MORUI group was determinedMade clear the business areas of Shell-Conning MORUI intelligenceand DINGRUIand their complement each other operation modeClear the responsibility of each branch each department head

Zhang Zhi Ping ,the general manager,shared his experience of studying in Europe, Let’s learn German rigor, Rigorous attitude towards production can make the best productsFor example ,the material trolleys used in German factories are neatly and scientifically arrangedThe 5S done very well;Our factory still need to learn that kind of delicacy in 5S aspectManager Zhang reclassified 5S responsible persons in each area of the companyFully and effectively implement 5S;This will not improve the quality of our products,but also give us more confidence when customers come to visit our factory

Then the heads of each department spoke at the meeting, Mr Chen, the director of the R&D center , said that in 2019 ,our production should be standardized and simplifiedEngineer Zhu introduced the basic knowledge of electrical drawingsIn 2019,We will continue to focus on technology research and development and develop new modelsKeep innovating to meet and lead the market

On December 25 to 27“Parents licenseteam family tradition constructionThese three days we gather together in the name of children ,in the name of parents, in the name of the children used to carry out outreach activitiesExplore with our tutor the good or bad times that have disappearedLet the seed of love in our hearts come alive and enter a new ,creative life

The sales meeting is from December 28 to 29, sales managers from each region flew back to the group headquarters for meetingsSeveral leaders made a special speech on the sections of daily chemicalspharmaceuticaland import and export trade respectivelyOur packing machine are suitable for so many tradeshow to do marketing for each industry segment marketHow can we share our good products and bring value to more customersWe had a heated discussion: From small polite to customers ,to the trend of the industry ;from our small goals ,to the company’s big goals In a word ,a day of meeting is really full of dry goods

Next is the merry MORUI group set sail ,ride the wind and waves of the happy annual meeting。Everyone enjoyed delicious food and excellent winehappy chattoast each otherThe red envelope rain at the annual meeting set everyone’s moodHappy time is always shortFinally the 2018 annual meeting will be concluded with manager Zhang’s speechHope MORUI group will be better in 2019Believe we will be better


Text editing: Hong Mei

Pictures were taken: Xiao Jing

MORUI group is a group limited company invested by MORUI intelligence and Shell-Conning machinery,It is focused on the development and production of automated packaging machinery、Provide a full range of automatic labeling solutions customized services professional enterprises。Has DINGRUI precision machining production base, We have offices in Beijing、Shanghai、Guangzhou、Chengdu、Qingdao and Kunming , And registered the company in Hong Kong

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