Sustainability programs list


After discussion with Wayne Dunn, President & Founder, CSR Training Institute,  he told to it would be great if could develop a directory of University level graduate programs in CSR.  He mentioned that he has several people a month ask him about where to find a good Masters or Ph.D. level program in CSR.

He said that he knows of a few programs but not enough to be able to give any sort of comprehensive advise.

He noted that there doesn’t seem to be a single place where you can go and find good information on University level graduate programs in CSR related areas and asked Jobcsr if we could take leadership and create a directory.   Professor Dunn said he realized that it would be a lot of work and impossible for accurate rankings and ratings but that just having a raw directory would be a big service to the CSR space. decided to create an effective list of sustainability programs. Sure we can improve it . It is only the beginning ! We will include the different universities in geography, international relations, anthropology, environment. Please visit our sustainability programs list :



For Wayne Dunn :”The site is a great addition to the CSR space.  It provides a marketplace and information clearing space that is pragmatic and   needed.

Employers seeking CSR talent and those wanting to provide it have a nice one-stop-shop.  And there is more and more related information coming together    around the site, making it even more useful.”