With today’s corporate social requirements, strong teams with solid expertise are essential to mitigate the social, economic, environmental risks, and Health and Safety issues related to projects implementation and development.

The onus of responsibility falls on organizations to ensure that projects are developed in a responsible and sustainable manner that ensures communities and stakeholders by in at every step.

JobCSR.com is the only job site that is fully dedicated to helping job seekers and project owners to connect in Sustainability, Climate Change, Health and Safety, Environment and CSR activities .





What we offer for candidates:

A FREE  CSR job search, relevant to your expertise and helping you find a job. 

Whether you specialize in projects, JobCSR.com is the place to look for meaningful projects with social, economic and environmental impacts worldwide. .

What we offer for employers:

  • Privileged access to a community of skilled workers worldwide

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Our mission is to help job seekers connect with employers and find meaningful jobs in Sustainability.




The team at JobCSR.com is a group of dedicated professionals with hands on experience is CSR and in the energy sector. With solid work experiences from all over the world and a shared commitment to promoting sustainability we fell that our outstanding team offer the best services to organizations consultants and individuals.


christelle  Christelle Faivre, founder of JobCSR.com

Christelle is a leading business development and consultant in the field of CSR and environmental risk management. With over 15 years of experience in the mining, oil & gas and energy sector she has spearheaded projects for some of the largest energy companies.

Her work and commitment to CSR has taken her to all five continents and made her a prominent figure in the CSR community. Christelle is also an entrepreneur who strongly believes in the strength of community building and networking. JobCSR.com was created to promote the sharing of expertise and encourage growth in the entire CSR community.




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