CSR recruitment in an increasingly specialized world

Yesterday, companies did not focus on the impact of their activities other than in profit and market share terms. But with an increasing public awareness and governmental pressures toward regulation, businesses cannot operate anymore without taking the necessary measures to meet CSR and sustainable development expectations.

How companies tackle these new issues has become a key determinant not only in terms of brand recognition and regulatory compliance, but also in terms of investment opportunities, talents retention and capacity building… and eventually in terms of profit too. As a consequence, getting the best experts on these topics has become a priority for companies, especially in the field of extractive and energy industries, where social and environmental risks are critical.

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The more complex, the more specific!

Because our modern economies live in a globalized world with an increased number of complex relationships between actors, companies rely heavily on specific expertise to enter or develop new markets. On an other hand, CSR standards breaded in so diverse and very specialized fields the last decade that companies cannot ask for a CSR generalist to meet all their needs anymore. Today, companies need experts who can understand and tackle the local specificities of a country and at the same time have the appropriate experience in CSR practices to meet business expectations efficiently.

Local states have also taken advantage of these changes by showing increased understanding of CSR related matters which has improved their ability to benefits from mega projects on their soil. To achieve a successful local integration for projects, experts must be brought in. Good relations with host countries depend on these experts ability to demonstrate sufficient understanding of the country and local culture in which they operate.

The shift towards local expertise

In the past years, experts have watched their work environment evolve and observed changes in the way principles in local development are applied. Changes have affected every area, but none so significantly as knowledge transfer to local skills throughout the lifespan of a project. As a consequence, companies have started to change their perspective. Many are now actively seeking native experts directly from the targeted countries. When recruiting international experts they look for specific expertise pertaining to each country. Changes have even started to affect corporate hiring behavior. While companies keep hiring permanent employees, they tend to increase their reliance on independent consultants and consulting firms. This is a strong indication that organizations are putting increasingly weight on acquiring specific skills for specific projects.

Effective networking takes an effective platform

CSR experts have long known that networking is the key to find the right people to do the job right. While we all strive to keep connections alive the reality is that networking requires effort and beyond the mere willingness to keep in touch. If you are trying to hire the right person, you may find that your corporate network is not broad enough to meet aspirations. JobCSR.com is a platform dedicated to help you reach your goals. It connects employers and CSR candidates in the field of natural resources while providing an outstanding venue to share business opportunities. An effective networking platform that includes the recently launched CSR directory aimed at giving visibility to individual consultants, consulting firms, nonprofit organizations, academic programs and companies. JobCSR.com is a central venue for information sharing on CSR and HSE topics.

Changes are undeniable and more than ever, companies need to be aware their social and environmental responsibilities. Finding knowledgeable expert resources is crucial to bolster your project forward whether both for seasoned sustainable organization and those embarking on their first CSR effort.

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CSR recruitment in an increasingly specialized world