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  • Bisley, Charlotte
    Region worked : Central America | North America Australia
    Current location : Australia
    Industry: government agency

    Description :
    Charlotte provides social performance advisory services to companies spanning social investment, social impact assessment, stakeholder engagement, social management plan development and compliance monitoring, and contractor management. She has also provided social impact advisory services to governments.

    • CSR


    Region worked : North America | South Africa
    Current location : Canada
    Industry: mines | oil and gas | government agency | finances

    Description :
    We are a team of consultants, researchers, mediators and facilitators from the extractives sector, non-governmental organizations and academia who provide an integrated full-service to enable organizations implement Responsible Mineral Development. From Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategic advice, to research, on-the-ground support for responsible mineral development implementation, risk analysis, conflict prevention and management and training to mining and oil and gas companies, government agencies, institutions, the financial sector, communities, indigenous peoples and civil society.

    • CSR
    • CSR Strategy

  • Juan Diego Narvaez Osario
    Region worked : North America | South America | Africa | Central America
    Current location : Canada
    Industry: mines | oil and gas | government agency |

    Description :
    Professional in geology and environmental risk assessment. During my professional practice I have gained essential experience in field work as well as in environmental impact studies and environmental assessment of communities impacted from various infrastructure projects, mining and catastrophic events from natural hazards. Field experience can be summarized in analysis and risk assessment, infrastructure inventories, compensation processes and communities redevelopment.
    Please contact me at :

    • Environment/li>
    • Social

  • Guay, Louis
    Region worked : North America | South America | Africa | Europe | Central America
    Current Location: Gatineau, Canada
    Industry: mines | oil and gas | government agency |

    Description :
    Louis Guay is a former Canadian Diplomat (Mexico, Greece, Cameroon, Venezuela, DRC, Dominican Republic and Gabon, EG and STP (Ambassador). He was also a Mining Executive (Eldorado Gold Corporation). He founded the Chamber of Mines and Petroleum of the DR. Associated with natural resource issues for 20 years and conflict management issues for 30 years plus, he assumed responsibilities related to Sierra Leone and Sudan and with the U. N. (the Second Tuareg Rebellion). Coordinator for Corporate Social Responsibility for the Americas in the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade in October 2009, Mr. Guay became a Consultant and a Senior Fellow at St. Paul University, Ottawa, in 2011. He gives a course on Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development based on a model he developed. He is a member of the Environmental and Social Responsibility Society (ESRS) of the Canadian Institute for Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM). He provides services in French, English and Spanish to corporate, governmental and non-governmental clients in North America, Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America.

    • CSR
    • Social Responsibility

  • Laurin, Paul
    Region worked : Africa | Asia | Oceania
    Current Location: Canada
    Industry: oil and gas | Mines

    Description :
    More than twenty (20) years of experience in various aspects of regional and community development in CSR and resettlement issues on mining, oil and gas projects. ( community development, land acquisition and resettlement baseline studies, social survey, compensation process, grievance mechanism and livelihoods ).

    • Social Responsibility
    • Community Relations

  • Masson, Christelle
    Region worked : North America | Africa
    Current Location: Montréal, Canada
    Industry: mines

    Description :
    Strategie Durable addresses several needs identified by organizations and offers services in sustainability, particularly management tools in sustainability reporting, communication with stakeholders, consulting and training.

    • CSR
    • Reporting

  • Minnes, Michael
    Region worked : North America | South America | Central America
    Current Location: Canada


    Description :
    Path Forward was born to help companies and contractors operating in developing jurisdictions implement more effective shared value programs and business systems by actively engaging local stakeholders. Using a Shared Value approach, Path Forward delivers training, safety, and local business development programs that offer real benefits and measurable results.

    • Supply Chain
    • Training

  • Noguer, Sylvie-Nuria
    Region worked: North America | Central America | Europe | Oceania | Asia
    Current Location: Montreal, Canada
    Industry: oil and gas | Mines | Forestry | Government Agency

    Description :
    Cariatis provides coaching, facilitation and mediation solutions to assist clients in:
    • Engaging stakeholders on sustainability issues;
    • Designing a compelling vision and sustaining change to achieve it;
    • Building sustainable solutions through collaborative leadership.
    Our approach is based on collaborative tools such as Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space, NonViolent Communication and Mediation.

    • Social Responsibility
    • Coaching for Sustainability

  • Thomson, Ian
    Region worked : South America | North America |
    Oceania | Europe |
    Current Location: Canada

    Description :
    Social performance in the mining and energy industries. Strategic assessment, planning and guidance, stakeholder engagement, application of international standards, training and capacity building, social due diligence investigation, measuring the social license to operate. see

    • CSR
    • CSR Strategy


  • Bahr, Nikki

    Region worked : Central America | North America | South America
    Current location : Guatemala

    Description :
    President of Sustainable Strategies, Nikki brings more than 10 years’ experience in advising companies and organizations in Canada, USA and Latin America.
    Experience in CSR strategy and governance, improving supply chain management, social impact assessment, stakeholder engagement, ethics and compliance, labor competitiveness, and reporting and communications, among others.

    • CSR Strategy
    • Supply Chain Management



  • Girardin, Anne-Pierre
    Region worked : International |
    Current Location: France


    Description :
    15 years of experience in Land Information and Administration including 8 years in developing countries undertaking land reform programs. Field oriented, enjoying remote unexplored areas. Technical expertise, project management, audit, training, communication.

    • CSR
    • Land Management

  • Unfried, Marc
    Region worked : France |
    Current Location: Paris – France

    Description :
    Propose dans le cadre d’un « Mandat de Conseil Sociétal* » :
    • La réalisation d’une expertise approfondie du positionnement RSE de votre organisation au regard de ses Parties Prenantes et de son écosystème.
    • Une contextualisation de vos enjeux Développement Durable et des pratiques RSE associées.
    • Une revue et synthèse des bonnes pratiques de votre organisation ainsi que leurs impacts RSE.
    • Une veille réglementaire et un Benchmark des pratiques sectorielles pour une appropriation de la RSE sur l’ensemble de l’organisation.
    • Des revues périodiques qui abordent vision stratégique, analyse des politiques et plans d’action.
    *établi en fonction du niveau d’engagement et de maturité de la Responsabilité Sociétale de votre organisation (RSE).
    Exemple de réalisation :
    • Gouvernance RSE d’une Interprofession (Vins)
    • Code éthique des affaires (Projet industriel et maritime)
    • Programme ISO26000 (Hôtellerie et Tourisme)
    • Indicateurs Reporting extra-financier (Banque-Assurance)
    • Accréditation OTI pour rapport RSE (Cabinet Audit et Comptabilité)

    • CSR

  • Toutain, Pauline
    Region worked : Africa | Europe | Middle East | North America |
    Current Location: France

    Description :
    My objective is to help companies attain and maintain their social license to operate. To achieve so, I specialise in stakeholder engagement, in Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs) and in training on social issues.

    I work both on the ground with community teams to develop and implement stakeholder engagement programmes, and at headquarters developing skills and competences of teams in community relations’ issues. My most noticeable in-country experience includes leading the conception, preparation, and implementation of the stakeholder engagement strategy and programme of Rio Tinto’ Simandou Iron Ore Project’s SEIA in Guinea, West Africa. At corporate level, I develop and deliver training courses on stakeholder engagement and on social impact assessments to reinforce capabilities and skills of community relations’ professionals.

    Service offer:
    • stakeholder engagement (design, implementation, monitoring);
    • community relations (including coaching and training of Community Liaison Officers);
    • project management and team management on the ground ;
    • social impact assessment (SIA);
    • social due diligence compliant with the best international practices (incl. IFC Performance Standards, World Bank standards);
    • resettlement frameworks ;
    • social baselines;
    • social management plans.

    • Social Responsibility


    Region worked : South America | North America | Central America
    Current Location: Tegucigalpa
    Industry: mines | oil & gas | Government Agency

    Description :
    Katia Madrid has more than 15 years of experience as a consultant as well as a project manager. She has assessed evaluated and implemented strategy and project reviews in land administration and corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects, specially addressing resettlement issues for government and mining companies. She brings very diverse technical and functional experience to the team.

    Katia worked as a consultant with a focus on operational aspects such as project assessment and implementation of activities, focus on corrective actions and providing specific recommendations as to how projects can be adjusted to maximize their impact and the possibility of success. She is a well experienced consultant in different international standards as the IFC’s Performance Standards, World Bank operational policies, ISO 26000 Standards on Social Responsibility, acquired mostly in Latin America, and lately in Africa. Katia has directed several multidisciplinary teams and worked on project coordination. She also has experience working with/for international institutions such as the World Bank, JICA and the UN, MCC.

    • CSR
    • Land Management




  • Andapia, Rafael
    Region worked : South America | Middle East | Europe
    Current Location: Mexico
    Industry: mines | oil and gas


    Description :
    Corporate & Public Affairs Senior Executive with 14+ years of experience, working for multinational companies in Oil & Gas, Mining and FMCG with an important record of achievements and demonstrated success, in driving Government and Community Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility, Public Relations, Internal & External Communications.

    • CSR Strategy
    • Public Relations


  • Buteau, Denis
    Region worked : South America | North America | Africa | Middle East
    Current Location: Lima, Peru


    Description :
    Denis Buteau is a natural resources, land management and project management. He has worked in many countries in Africa and America. Denis has assisted government officials and private sector from these countries in the planning, management, monitoring and evaluating Natural Resources Projects and Programmes.

    • CSR
    • Land Management

    Region worked : South America | North America | Central America
    Current Location: Lima, Peru


    Description :
    We assist partners, clients and colleagues collaborate, negotiate, and resolve disputes in ways that build sustainable solutions and strengthen relationships.

     Negotiation, Relationship Management and Strategic Alliances: Improve your negotiation results, gain strategic frameworks, confidence, and feel satisfied with your negotiations results.

     Cross-Cultural Negotiation, Facilitation and Organizational Development: Understand how cultural differences affect your negotiations and interactions with others; approach those differences effectively to create value and gain positive results. Managing differences, building cross-cultural competency capacity will help you improve productivity and achieve better results.

     Consensus Building Facilitation, Stakeholder Engagement, and Social License: Build upon each other’s ideas and collective wisdom; implement proven processes to make effective joint decisions. Negotiate sustainable agreements and foster improved relationships with diverse stakeholders. Consensus building is crucial to gain support and overcome challenging situations that could prevent success.

     Mediation and Conflict Resolution: Facilitate shared understanding. Diversity is pervasive; many times decisions are not made wisely because of miscommunication, lack of shared understanding, or communication barriers. ORASI can help you overcome challenges with diverse conflict resolution strategies as a neutral third party, such as language and cultural issues, difficult situations with partners, employees, other businesses, distributors, providers, and clients.

     Grievance and Dispute Resolution Systems Design: Design and implement better ways to deal with concerns and grievances of collaborators and internal or external stakeholders.

     Stakeholder Assessment and Social Audit. Assessments enable clear understanding of the problem, as well as the concerns and interests of the parties involved. This understanding is fundamental to develop effective strategies to address the problem or difficulty.

     Conflict Prevention and Crisis Management: Engage them with the right strategies. When crisis occurs traditional approaches may not work. You will need to engage others in a collaborative process to obtain sustainable results.

    • CSR
    • Conflict Prevention

  • Osay, Sonia
    Region worked : South America | Central America | Africa | North America | Europe
    Current Location: Lima, Peru


    Description :
    Expert on
    Sustainable Development in Mining Sector
    Social Development
    Social Base
    Conflict prevention mining
    Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
    Due diligence – international best practice (EP / IFC)
    Performance Monitoring and Compliance
    Sustainability Reporting (GRI mining and metals)
    Community Relations Management
    Resettlement Planning and Implementation
    Community Investment
    Stakeholder Engagement
    Public Consulting
    Indigenous Peoples

    • Prevention Conflicts
    • Sustainable Development


  • Monash,Nathan
    Region worked : Africa | Europe | North America | Oceania | South America
    Current Location: Denver, USA


    Description :
    Nathan is an internationally experienced trilingual senior manager dedicated to ensuring the long-term viability of business and the communities in which it operates. He has extensive experience working directly with CEOs of leading companies to address pressing international issues and has a strong background in the corporate management of sustainable development.

    Nathan has worked with a range of mining companies across five continents on challenges associated with risk management, financial valuation of sustainability and compliance with international sustainability standards. Nathan has deep experience building corporate governance frameworks to address human rights, community engagement, resettlement, artisanal mining and other priority areas of site-level management.

    Nathan is well placed to assist extractive industry clients to improve their sustainability risk mitigation practices, prioritize action, and ensure compliance with leading international standards and frameworks.

    • CSR


  • Render, Jo
    Region worked : Africa | Europe | North America | Oceania | South America | Central America
    Current Location: Binghamton NY, USA
    Industry: oil & gas | Mines | Hydro Electricity| Forestry | Wind power | Renewable Energy | Electricity | Nuclear

    Description :
    I support companies, agencies, and stakeholders in managing social complexities, developing pathways for respectful dialogue, and creating shared value. Service areas include stakeholder engagement, social impact assessment, social risk analysis and strategic planning, performance assurance and due diligence, and strategic social investment.

    • CSR