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    Description : ASDR Environnement designs, manufactures, installs and operates Mine Water Treatment solutions. ASDR Environnement also offers dredging and dewatering services.

    ASDR Environnement has developed a strong expertise in the mining industry, in part due to the proximity of the enterprise to the industry. However, we are far from being limited to this sector; the company evolves within the municipal sector, hydroelectricity, pulp and paper as well as construction. The accomplishments of the enterprise vary from the arid climates of Morocco and Mexico, to the deep cold winters of the Canadian Nunavut region.

    To contact us :

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    Description : Audit and consulting services
    Management of systems processes
    Social acceptability
    Responsible sourcing
    Change management

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    Description : Ellio is a bilingual team of 6 consultants passionate about making organizations more sustainable. Ellio is located in Montreal, Quebec, and has been working with small and large companies, municipalities, governmental and non-governmental organizations, professional associations, financial institutions, and even individuals, for over 10 years.

    Ellio’s interventions could be pictured as sparks that ingnite bigger changes inside organizations, by highlighting the economic, social and environmental benefits of long term planning and systemic thinking, as well as by creating the positive conditions to making the change possible.
    The Ellio team offers a wide variety of skills related to project management, stakeholder engagement, training, moderating open forum and creativity events, board participation, human resources management, environmental engineering, life cycle management, research reports, reporting, and more. Our services are articulated around 5 main areas:
     Awareness raising, training, coaching and benchmarking
     Strategic support (strategic planning, BNQ 21000, The Natural Step, ISO 26000)
     Sustainable operations (life cycle management, indicators, sustainable procurement)
     Responsible investment and impact investment (education, training, impact measurement, strategy, product development and organisational culture)
     Stakeholder engagement, communication and reporting (GRI, reporting frameworks and online tools)

    At Ellio, there is a natural propensity to customize all mandates and to use tools that stimulate creativity. Knowledge transfer and customers’ empowerment are also at the core of Ellio’s work.

    To contact :
    Twitter :

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    Description : rePlan provides social assessment, advisory and management services to natural resource companies and financial institutions around the world. We help natural resource companies to understand and fulfill their corporate social responsibility, both in the boardroom and in the field. We have worked with some of the largest mining and oil & gas companies in the world including Newmont, Barrick, Rio Tinto Alcan, AngloGold Ashanti, Gold Fields, Chevron and Shell, in more than 70 countries.
    The services we offer include:
    Capacity Building

        • Social Performance

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    Description : Riskope identifies, quantifies, and prioritizes enterprise risks related to life, property, income, or reputation, helping executives and Boards to make informed decisions that preserve enterprise value.
    Riskope provides risk based decision making support for industries, including resource extraction and processing, energy generation and distribution, transportation and logistics and Insurances.
    Riskope compares risk portfolios to corporate specific and societal risk tolerances, thus help communicate and preserve social license to operate while ensuring high Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) standards.
    Riskope are based in Canada, Switzerland, Italy.

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  • RMD Consultants

    Description : We are a team of consultants, researchers, mediators and facilitators from the extractives sector, non-governmental organizations and academia who provide an integrated full-service to enable organizations implement Responsible Mineral Development. From Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategic advice, to research, on-the-ground support for responsible mineral development implementation, risk analysis, conflict prevention and management and training to mining and oil and gas companies, government agencies, institutions, the financial sector, communities, indigenous peoples and civil society.

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    Description : For 50 years, Norda Stelo has worked in a wide range of engineering disciplines and has now 15 Centers of Excellence integrating Roche’s expertise in projects conducted in Canada and in over 50 countries. Therefore, Norda Stelo specializes in integrated projects. At every step of the projects entrusted to us, we apply our Health and Safety and Environmental Policies.

    Norda Stelo’s business philosophy has enabled it to build long-standing business relationships and partnerships. Through proven methods and a focus on continuous improvement, Norda Stelo’s engineering experts ensure optimal efficiency in meeting sizeable challenges.

    Norda Stelo has successfully completed commercial, institutional, industrial, and urban infrastructures, as well as transportation and construction projects. However, Canadian based or abroad, the environmental, mining, forestry and oil & gas projects now represent an important part of business sales.

    From planning operations to closure, the projects resources now face many challenges. In addition to technical and environmental issues, the industry has now to take social acceptability into account. Stakeholders, whether directly impacted or not, now wish to be actively involved in projects. Although the concept is somewhat vague and still evolving, social acceptability has emerged as a major, if not the most important, obstacle for those interested in developing projects resources. At Norda Stelo, ensuring social acceptability is an ongoing, dynamic, iterative process that starts at the project design phase and continues throughout the project closure.

    Projects’ social acceptability is a value intrinsic to Norda Stelo’s Strategic Plan, which is:
    Mission> Deliver innovative solutions tailored to our clients’ individual needs;
    Vision> Perform exemplary work, committing to excellence and integrity for the benefit of our clients and employees;
    Values> the underlying principles that drive our Group: A) Integrity – Keeping our word, B) Excellence – Striving to excel, while ensuring a safe environment, C) Commitment – Pursing our passion for success and D) Entrepreneurship – Building the future.

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    Norda Stelo



    Description : Transfert Environment and Society (TES) has acquired an in-depth understanding of social acceptance challenges and the conditions required to harmoniously integrate a project into a community.The firm applies its knowledge through concrete and strategic means as part of a unique approach that ensures rigour and equity and on which Transfert has built its reputation. Strong values and an unrivalled team drive the firm’s interventions. TES is an expert in obtaining and maintaining your Social Licence to Operate, providing specialized services in public participation, strategic communication and socially acceptable project (re)design.

    Transfert Environnement et Société (Transfert) possède une compréhension approfondie des enjeux de l’acceptabilité sociale et des conditions d’harmonisation d’un projet dans une collectivité. Elle applique ses connaissances de façon concrète et stratégique dans une démarche qui lui est propre et qui a fait sa renommée. Une démarche garante de rigueur et d’équité. Au cœur de ses interventions : des valeurs inspirées et une équipe de haut calibre. Transfert est un expert dans l’obtention et le maintien de la licence sociale, offrant des services de participation publique, communication stratégique et de (re)conception de projet axée sur des solutions d’acceptabilité sociale.

    To contact Julie Forget, VP :
    Follow us : @Transfert_Env

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    Description : is a French media platform aiming at explaining and illustrating all the social and environmental stakes companies are facing on a daily basis.

    To contact us :
    Follow us : @erse_net

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  • ASLO (Advisory for Social License to Operate)

    Description : ASLO (Advisory for Social License to Operate)
    ASLO is an advisory services company, which provides orientation and support to project operators in achieving community and stakeholder endorsement of their activities, especially when their operations are located in economic frontiers or sensitive social environments.

    This is not about “engineering consent” from stakeholders by conducting public relations or philanthropy to convince them your project is good. Instead our proposal is to help you better understand the impacts your project has on people and put the right systems and processes in place to manage these social impacts. We also support you in building a genuine relationship with stakeholders and seeking to align the respective interests of both the project and stakeholders.

    ASLO offers services in the following areas:
    • Strategy and planning: social risk & opportunity analysis, development of strategic and action plans
    • Stakeholder management: stakeholder identification and mapping, stakeholder engagement, grievance management
    • Impact and benefit management: social impact management, local hiring and contracting, social investment

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    Description : RSO POLITAIN – RSO politain est une agence de production sur la RSE / RSO
    Nous développons des dispositifs innovants d’acculturation à la responsabilité sociétale.
    Ceux-ci répondent aux besoins de structures étendues telles que les grands groupes, les interprofessions, les organisations territoriales et….l’enseignement.
    Pour nous contacter :

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    RSO politain


    Description : Rwenzori Consulting – Rwenzori Consulting is a team of field experts and consultants who have strong links with Africa and a common goal for ambitious new projects.
    Based in Paris and working with our significant network of partners in Africa and internationally, we support companies and investors who want to thrive in the African continent.

    Bound by the strictest ethical standards and values, we facilitate the establishment and sustainable growth of your projects in Africa, whilst helping you to understand local cultural and environmental issues.

    A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Rwenzori mountain range stretches into the heart of Africa, at short distance from the Equator, at the crossroads between the Northern and Southern hemispheres and Francophone and Anglophone Africa (DR Congo / Uganda).

    Rwenzori symbolizes the diversity and complexity of the African continent along with the challenges and opportunities it offers, which our team are keen to take up with you.

    Please contact Boris Varnitzky :

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  • CSR Finance Institute

    Description : CSRFI provides high level certified workshops on CSR as well as Socially Responsible Finance. Our team of certified trainers have over 15 years of practical experience in business as well as some with the United Nations, Governments and Universities. Our focus is to provide clear practical guides to each of the main areas in CSR and also Social Finance. Participants will gain access to the main literature in the face-to-face workshops held in beautiful locations around the world.

    Recent work is looking at the link between CSR and the UN’s SDGs and, in particular, what companies can do to promote the development inherent in the SDGs – see a recent article by Michael CSR and the United Nations SDGs.

    Our revised and updated interactive online course offers a practical introduction to CSR and Sustainability along with a Certificate from George Mason University. The course can be taken whenever and wherever you like, and as long as you like – although we recommend you find ten to twelve hours over a period of a few weeks.

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    Description : Ethical Corporation – helping businesses around the globe do the right thing by their customers and the world. We believe this is not only how to guarantee a future for all, but makes good business sense. We serve CSR, compliance, risk and governance communities with topical and insightful business intelligence and meeting places.

    We provide business intelligence to more than 3,000 multinational companies every year. Our customers are also NGOs, think-tanks, academia, governments and consultancies. We publish the leading responsible business magazine, website, and research reports. Our conferences are widely recognised as the best in the field.

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    Description : Sustainable Business Magazine is the only industry publication focusing solely on sustainable business development.

    The magazine, and accompanying website, provides a platform for companies, universities, and organizations to showcase the ways in which they’re promoting sustainable development. Sustainable Business Magazine helps to spread awareness of the values of sustainability, as well as the brilliant ways in which institutions continue to meet challenges and champion corporate social responsibility.

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        • Business Intelligence

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    Description : Acorn International, LLC delivers social and environmental risk management consulting services to international industries and investors. We do so through a distinctive process of partnering with, directing and building capacity of local expert teams in more than 50 countries worldwide to promote local content and world-class quality assurance.

    Our core service offerings include:
    - Environmental and Social Baseline Studies
    - Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
    - Stakeholder Engagement and Social Performance
    - Environmental and Social Due Diligence
    - EHSS Strategy and Organizational Change
    - Capacity Building and Training
    Offices in: Boston | Houston | San Francisco | Worldwide

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        • Social Performance



    Description : The CSR Training Institute offers a wide range of CSR training programs and services. All programs and services are available to clients worldwide.
    All programs feature and are built around a methodology of hands-on, involved learning with a tight focus on value integration. Through lectures, case studies, group-work and challenging problem solving exercises participants integrate theory and practice in a way that is easily applied. Participants leave the programs with access to mentors and a diverse network of peers that can help to reinforce and apply the learning. We offer several types of standard programming and are happy to discuss how we can customize a program to fit specific needs and opportunities
    Our services range from high-level strategic advisory services to internal staff capacity building. We have representation in Canada, Ghana, Kenya, and the USA
    Please contact us with your inquiries for additional details on our services

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        • Economic and Business Development

    CSR Training Institute


    Description : HSE International provides environmental, social, and health & safety consulting services to the energy sector, global industries and investors. We assist clients with a contextualized, integrated and cost-effective approach, delivering innovative solutions that help clients manage their sustainability risks.

    HSE International uses Social Responsibility Analysis (SRA) to assist organizations develop actionable “locality strategies”, ensuring that local communities benefit from social development opportunities, building stakeholder confidence, while also managing socio-economic risks and impacts. We do it partnering with local experts to promote local content, and our fusion integrates local knowledge with international expertise and assurance.

    Services we offer:
    → Strategic Planning and Performance Improvement
    → Impact Assessment
    → Knowledge Sharing and Strategic Advice
    → Due Diligence and Appraisals
    → Social Responsibility
    → Project Monitoring
    → Capacity Building and Training
    → Contingency Planning

    Established in 2006, we have provided clients with clear advice, direction and assistance with implementation around the world.

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        • Sustainable Development



    Description : Local Contenect’s platform increases industry’s access to qualified local content by providing access to information on local small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), pre-qualification and preliminary due diligence, global and local connection opportunities and micro-contracting.

    Mission: To connect international oil and gas (O&G) companies and service providers with competent and qualified local suppliers, while building suppliers’ competency and capacity and improving government’s ability to track and evaluate the impact of local content policy.

    Vision : Local content requirements evolve from regulatory obligations into competitive advantages for global companies, and operators earn social licenses to operate. Local suppliers improve their capacity and competency, both within industry and beyond.

        • CSR
        • Local Content



    Description : Ulula is a data collection and communication platform that enables anonymous feedback to improve business performance and foster social impact in emerging markets.

    Ulula offers innovative tools for public, private and non-profit actors:
    - Environmental, Social and Human Rights Impact Assessment
    - Early Warning System, Crisis Prevention and Social Risk Insurance
    - Health, Safety and Security Monitoring and Compliance
    - Community Consultation
    - Employee Engagement
    - Participatory Social Investment
    - Data Driven Compliance and Reporting
    - Measuring Shared Value

    Connect with us at and on twitter @Ulula4good. Test our platform by sending a text to + 1-647-496-5504

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  • TMA

    Description : TMA Madagascar specializes in accompanying the projects being established in the developing countries in the installation by an organizational system which makes durable and profitable the project and its insertion in the local economy. This accompaniment can be done at all the stages of the project: the preliminary phase to the phase of fence, the pre-construction, construction, engineering and the operations’ phase.
    TMA strategic mission is to provide professional construction/ engineering support services to Investors in resource extraction and beneficiation related to MEGA projects in developing countries with specific focus on the design and implementation of Local Resource Usage Policies, Implementation Plans, Management Systems, Processes, Protocols and Reporting to project stakeholders.

    The ultimate aim of our focus on Local Resource Usage is to:
    Optimize the use and the operationnalisation of the local resources(People and Businesses) through
    Optimize the transfer of competencies to local resources and improve their work environment resulting in
    Optimize the retention of money in the local economy and establish in Madagascar the culture of safety.

        • CSR
        • Local Employment




    Description : Intersocial is an independent niche consulting firm specializing in providing land access and resettlement, social assessment & due diligence, stakeholder engagement and other social services to projects in the natural resource and infrastructure sectors. Intersocial has a diverse and loyal set of clients ranging from small to large listed companies, banks, international funding agencies, and engineering firms affected by projects.
    Plans that we have helped to develop and implement include Resettlement Action Plans, Land Access & Control Frameworks, Stakeholder Engagement Plans, Land Management Plans, Handover and Maintenance Plans, Monitoring and Evaluation Plans, Community Development Plans, Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining (ASM) Management Plans, Influx Management Plans, Local Employment Plans, Local Procurement Plans, Social Impact Assessments and other Social Impact Management Plans.
    Intersocial’s approach to client support is to not merely plan and review projects, but to plan in order to implement projects with the client. To this end the overwhelming majority of our staff work in the field and on client sites for extended periods.

        • CSR